New Manis and Accessories

This past weekend I had my first solo road trip to Massachusetts to visit my sister. I got to see her apartment and we spent some quality time together. It was a nice extended weekend and I’m very glad that I had taken today off. I really needed the day to just recuperate.

We made an unexpected trip to the Natick Mall because I wanted some sparkly earrings for my best friend’s wedding this weekend. Of course, I didn’t come back with just a pair of new earrings and spent way more than I had planned. I found such good deals that I couldn’t resist! However, my favorite purchase must be these midi rings from Urban Outfitters. They were only six dollars each and don’t you think they’d complete my manicures? 🙂

Midi Rings

For those of you nail art addicts who have not yet subscribed to Nail It magazine, I highly recommend it. It’s nice getting inspiration from sources other than blog and Instagram posts. The polka dot French Manicure in the photo below was a replicate from a nail design I saw in the magazine. I thought they were so cute! Wish I had yellow nail polish though. I think adding that color would definitely complete the look.

Polka Dot French Manicure


Another French Manicure variation I did about two weeks ago. These were very easy and must be one of my favorites out of all the ones I’ve done in the past!

Four-Colored French Manicure


It look me a while to figure out the nail design for this week. I wanted to try something new but also wanted to keep them classy and simple for the wedding this weekend! The bridesmaid’s dress is dark purple so I decided to use light purple and silver. In the end, I went with the simple half moon manicure that (surprisingly) I haven’t tried before. I think my past attempts for this design were always unsuccessful. I figured it was time to give this another shot again. This time around – success! Sometimes, it takes many rounds of trial and error before we realize how much we’ve improved! I think this is true for many other aspects of our daily lives. Sometimes the best we can do is to just keep trying.

Half Moon