New Manis and Accessories

This past weekend I had my first solo road trip to Massachusetts to visit my sister. I got to see her apartment and we spent some quality time together. It was a nice extended weekend and I’m very glad that I had taken today off. I really needed the day to just recuperate.

We made an unexpected trip to the Natick Mall because I wanted some sparkly earrings for my best friend’s wedding this weekend. Of course, I didn’t come back with just a pair of new earrings and spent way more than I had planned. I found such good deals that I couldn’t resist! However, my favorite purchase must be these midi rings from Urban Outfitters. They were only six dollars each and don’t you think they’d complete my manicures? ๐Ÿ™‚

Midi Rings

For those of you nail art addicts who have not yet subscribed to Nail It magazine, I highly recommend it. It’s nice getting inspiration from sources other than blog and Instagram posts. The polka dot French Manicure in the photo below was a replicate from a nail design I saw in the magazine. I thought they were so cute! Wish I had yellow nail polish though. I think adding that color would definitely complete the look.

Polka Dot French Manicure


Another French Manicure variation I did about two weeks ago. These were very easy and must be one of my favorites out of all the ones I’ve done in the past!

Four-Colored French Manicure


It look me a while to figure out the nail design for this week. I wanted to try something new but also wanted to keep them classy and simple for the wedding this weekend! The bridesmaid’s dress is dark purple so I decided to use light purple and silver. In the end, I went with the simple half moon manicure that (surprisingly) I haven’t tried before. I think my past attempts for this design were always unsuccessful. I figured it was time to give this another shot again. This time around – success! Sometimes, it takes many rounds of trial and error before we realize how much we’ve improved! I think this is true for many other aspects of our daily lives. Sometimes the best we can do is to just keep trying.

Half Moon


French Manicure Variations

It’s been such an eventful summer – I can’t believe it’s almost over. I’ve been occupied every weekend and haven’t even made it to the beach once. However, this year I’ve been feeling differently about the summer weather. I used to love the summer heat because this is when I’ll get a chance to soak up the sun. This year, I feel like I’m already over the summer heat and wouldn’t mind for the fall weather to arrive sooner!

The past couple of weekends have been full of wedding-related events. First there was my best friend’s bachelorette party! As her maid of honor, I’m very happy and relieved to say that it was a huge success. She said it was a lot more than what she had expected! We first started out at a spa, pre-gamed at the hotel, then headed over to a wine tasting class, dinner and then danced the rest of the night away! The bride definitely had more than enough to drink so the night ended at around 1am, way earlier than I had expected!

Decorated her hotel room with bachelorette party festivities!

Decorated her hotel room with bachelorette party festivities!

Learned about Cali versus France :) Pinot Noir *thumbs up

Learned about Cali versus France ๐Ÿ™‚ Pinot Noir *thumbs up

The weekend after that was another friend’s big day! I was also a part of that friend’s bridal party so it was another busy weekend! However it was my first time being a bridesmaid so this was the best wedding I’ve ever been to. I was very happy to be there with her on her big day and got teary-eyed numerous times throughout the night. It was a beautiful wedding.

Bridesmaids dress and shoes. Took me the longest time to find these perfect shoes and figure out how to "work" this belt!

Bridesmaids dress and shoes. Took me the longest time to find these perfect shoes and figure out how to “work” this belt!

Of course can't forget the photobooth :)

Of course can’t forget the photobooth ๐Ÿ™‚

As the nail art fanatic, of course I spent some time to figure out how I had wanted to do my nails for these special occasions. The first thing that came to mind was a French manicure – just because I really LOVE French manicure and love playing around with different variations. Because I had sparkles on my bridesmaids dress and shoes, I decided to apply some nail crystals for the occasion, even though I’m really not a big fan of them. Unless I apply thick layers of top coat, they often come off after a couple of days and leave this dent in my nail that I hate.ย After the wedding was over, I decided to do another French manicure variation but without the crystals. I love how the metallic blue came out with this design! I don’t think I can ever get bored of French manis.

French with crystals I

Can't forget the morning coffee. Love this design even more the next day!

Can’t forget the morning coffee. Love this design even more the next day!

Wore this the night of the wedding.

Wore this the night of the wedding. Decided to just use one color.

French Mani Variation

The metallic blue looked even better in person. The photo doesn’t do it justice!

A Crazy Week of Manicures

What an exhausting week! After weeks of preparation, my office in Flatiron is finally moving to our new building. It’s been over two years working in Flatiron – I have to say, I’m really going to miss this neighborhood! It was seriously an exhausting week of packing and also prepping other employees for the move. Today was the official move date so we all had the day off but are forced to work a couple of hours this Sunday! Even though technically tomorrow is my Sunday, I feel fulfilled because I had made a successful trip to the mall today. I was finally able to find the perfect shoes for a friend’s wedding this summer. I was seriously having the hardest time finding the right shoes within the right price range. It is definitely hit or miss a lot of times when you’re shopping for a specific outfit but I’m glad to say that my bridesmaid’s outfit for this wedding is finally complete!

This week, because of some work-related events, I had to go through a couple of manicures. I figured the stripe designs that I had last weekend wouldn’t come off too professional. I usually don’t have enough time for manicures during the week because of my yoga classes. This week I had to skip a class just so that I can repaint them. Of course, to keep it professional, I left them plain and simple. Some can argue that the pink was a little bright for a “professional” occasion. The polish that I used was Essie’s A Crewed Interest. I believe it was a part of their last year’s Spring collection.

Plain Manicure

Besides plain manicures, I’ve also tried different variations of French manicures whenever I need to keep my nails looking professional. Below must be one of my favorites that I’ve done in the past! Really love the blue metallic lining and I really surprised myself with how straight I was able to paint them :). I LOVE French manicures but sometimes find them boring so I love to play with different designs and colors.

French Manicure with Blue Metallic Lining

Of course, as soon as I had time again, I would switch back to funkier nail designs. For the weekend, I switched back to a silver glittery polish with some floral designs. I love how this came out and I’m considering doing these (minus the floral) for my friends’ two weddings this summer.

Silver Glitter French Manicure with Floral Designs