Trying New Things

This was definitely the wrong week for me to have to deal with this summer heat! It was my first week working out of the new office and I’m still in the process of figuring out and getting used to the new commute. I really don’t remember the last time I had to walk so much on a daily basis! The heat wave this week definitely didn’t help.

This weekend was an eventful one. Of course, the JT and Jay-Z concert ¬†was the highlight. It was my first time at the Yankee Stadium and I realized that it was my first time ever having dinner in Washington Heights as well. Growing up in Queens, there really aren’t many opportunities for me to go into that neighborhood. I’m glad that the food at El Malecon was not a disappointment. After dinner, we headed straight to the stadium for the show. We waited about an hour and half in the heat and then the show finally started. I don’t think there were any notable surprises but nonetheless it was a good show!

Panoramic Shot of Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium Stage

Of course, manicures are always a part of my weekend. The stripes and hearts design is what I’m currently wearing. The one below that was a quick manicure that I did last Sunday night. It actually didn’t look as great photographed but I really loved that design. I think it resembled French manicures a little bit.

Stripes and Hearts

White Angles

On Saturday, I also decided to get a long overdue pedicure. I tried a new salon in Astoria after brunch and I really can say that it was one of the best pedicures that I’ve ever had in my life (and I’ve had a lot of pedicures). The chair was a massage chair (a good one too) and the manicurist was very thorough and gave really good massages. After a week of constant walking in the heat, my feet really deserved some pampering! All in all, this was one awesome weekend – it was eventful but not the exhausting kind :).


A Crazy Week of Manicures

What an exhausting week! After weeks of preparation, my office in Flatiron is finally moving to our new building. It’s been over two years working in Flatiron – I have to say, I’m really going to miss this neighborhood! It was seriously an exhausting week of packing and also prepping other employees for the move. Today was the official move date so we all had the day off but are forced to work a couple of hours this Sunday! Even though technically tomorrow is my Sunday, I feel fulfilled because I had made a successful trip to the mall today. I was finally able to find the perfect shoes for a friend’s wedding this summer. I was seriously having the hardest time finding the right shoes within the right price range. It is definitely hit or miss a lot of times when you’re shopping for a specific outfit but I’m glad to say that my bridesmaid’s outfit for this wedding is finally complete!

This week, because of some work-related events, I had to go through a couple of manicures. I figured the stripe designs that I had last weekend wouldn’t come off too professional. I usually don’t have enough time for manicures during the week because of my yoga classes. This week I had to skip a class just so that I can repaint them. Of course, to keep it professional, I left them plain and simple. Some can argue that the pink was a little bright for a “professional” occasion. The polish that I used was Essie’s A Crewed Interest. I believe it was a part of their last year’s Spring collection.

Plain Manicure

Besides plain manicures, I’ve also tried different variations of French manicures whenever I need to keep my nails looking professional. Below must be one of my favorites that I’ve done in the past! Really love the blue metallic lining and I really surprised myself with how straight I was able to paint them :). I LOVE French manicures but sometimes find them boring so I love to play with different designs and colors.

French Manicure with Blue Metallic Lining

Of course, as soon as I had time again, I would switch back to funkier nail designs. For the weekend, I switched back to a silver glittery polish with some floral designs. I love how this came out and I’m considering doing these (minus the floral) for my friends’ two weddings this summer.

Silver Glitter French Manicure with Floral Designs

Back to Blogging

I honestly think it’s hard to keep up with this blogging business when there are other things that we also need to focus on in life. I truly admire the many bloggers out there who have been blogging consistently for a long time! After making many many excuses as to why I cannot be blogging anymore (i.e. “I don’t have time” or “my laptop is too slow and so I must get a new laptop first,” etc.), I decided that it’s time to get back into it. The truth is that it’s been difficult finding my own “style” and for a while, I felt that I was just imitating what I’ve seen other bloggers do. Eventually, I felt that I lost the motivation.

The reason for coming back to blogging is really because I enjoyed doing it. Ever since I’ve discovered my passion with nail art, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying different designs, becoming more creative and even perfecting my photography skills. I would really love to have a repository of my work to look back on in the future other than the photo album that I have saved in my computer. At times, it can get super difficult to push ourselves to write but I think it is important to always remember to write down our experiences and how we feel, whether they are positive or negative.

For this past July 4th weekend, I wanted to paint something related to the holiday. I randomly remembered Miss Lady Finger‘s stripe design and I wanted replicate it. Originally, I wanted to only use red, white and blue colors but in the end decided that I’m actually not a huge fan of holiday nails. To give this design a less “American Flag” look, I added a light purple base.

Stripes on July 4th

Aside from doing my nails and yoga (I know sometimes it seems like that’s all I spend my free time on during weekends nowadays), I also spent some time outdoors even though I was constantly looking for the shade once I was outside. I finally went to check out the Long Island City Flea Market! I was really hoping to find a vendor that sold cheap nail polishes for me to add to my collection. Even though that didn’t happen, it was still worth the visit – there were other interesting vendors that sold hand-made and vintage goods and other yummy food vendors.

LIC Flea

Being someone that also enjoys baking from time to time, they must have been my favorite vendor! Aren’t these ice cream shaped cake pops adorable? How creative!

Cake Pops

Last but not least, it was little Jonathan’s 13th birthday on the 5th. I bought him an ice cream cake from Coldstone and we had a BBQ for him on Saturday. Can’t believe he’s already a teen and that he’s now half my age! Kids grow up too fast nowadays.

Jonathan's 13th Birthday